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nickileaks research aims to understand the big picture and to discover and relay to my readers the truth--often sinister--lying behind the mask of the "equity", "social justice", and "do what thou wilt" agendas.


Generally, I created this site to share my findings on the complexities of the world we all live in. I have a strong passion for research, critical thinking, and independent journalism, and I'd like to share some of what I've found with those who are interested. I am committed to providing all of the sources from which my facts and hypotheses have come and encourage you to do your own research and establish your own opinion.

my prerogative:

i believe We are living in the time of the end--the "latter days" that the bible speaks of many times. If you do not agree with me on this, I welcome you to prove me wrong.


my story:

I grew up in the pacific northwest where I lived and flourished as a worldly-minded person for most of my life. But throughout all these years...God never left me, despite all of my faults and my sins. He kept me safe and sustained me while I was lost and wandering through the wilderness (aka high school and college). when i was about 21 years old, jesus christ woke me up in a dramatic way and welcomed me back into His arms. I was a prodigal child if there ever was one. i have dedicated my life to him and will endeavor to live the rest of my life for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gave me the faith and the strength to step out of the world, as painful as it was.

He has given me a renewed mind and heart, as he has given to all others who have chosen the narrow path that leads to salvation in Jesus Christ. he has allowed me to see the world through a biblical lens and has opened my eyes to the evil of the world we are now living in. he has allowed me to connect some dots in this puzzle we call the "last days".

my message:

this life is short. eternity is forever. jesus came to save the lost and the broken. he saved me and he can save matter who you are. i feel compelled to spread that message.


God bless you and God bless America.

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