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7 Causes of the Coming Age

"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

Matthew 24:37

During the antediluvian (pre-flood) period, as recorded in Genesis, there are 7 societal causes which led to the Great Flood.

The Bible is very clear that the last days, before the prophesied tribulation period begins, will mirror the way things were "in the days of Noah". These causes brought about--and will bring about again--a total forgetfulness of God and a complete disregard for His will.

"The time of the shaking of the nations is approaching."

Pember, p. 145

Here are the 7 causes of the Flood that we can expect to see in society today and in the days to come, before God's judgment falls upon all of the earth.

1. A tendency to no longer recognize God, or to only recognize God as Creator and Benefactor, and not as Lord and Savior.

This is incredibly characteristic of the society in which we live today. Even those who are willing to admit the existence of God (which is not the accepted opinion among the masses any longer) do not acknowledge His holiness nor their own sinful nature.

Most people living today, therefore, have rejected the gift of salvation voluntarily and quite proudly.

Consequently, most reject the Bible and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, choosing to trust the darkness within them which they have been deceived into calling "light". Most have resigned themselves to living with their eyes wide shut to the truth and the prophecies of the Bible, and have formed within themselves, their own illusion of truth and reality.

2. An undue prominence of the female sex, and a blatant disregard--even defiance--for the law of marriage.

These are both causes which are characteristic of society today as well.

The female sex has become incredibly prominent even to the point of vilifying men and putting women in places of the highest authority instead.

The disregard for the institution of marriage runs rampant through society. We are, in fact, so far past this point that we have not only "disregard" for marriage, but a proud defiance for marriage as well an almost-worship-like acceptance of gay marriage, transsexuality in both adults and children, and a quiet creeping toward the acceptance of other evil sexual deeds such as pedophilia and orgies.

3. A rapid progression in the arts and in the invention of devices which make life much more convenient and indulgent; as well as a proficiency in the arts, which captivates the minds of men, and helps to induce mass apostasy (falling away from God).

Of the spread of science, art, and luxury there is no dispute among the population today that this is a major factor in our society.

"With what confidences, too, and carelessness to men settle themselves amid the comforts and indulgences of this luxurious age! Seeing good only in the present life, how little thought do they give to God, how deaf are they to any mention of the World to Come."

Pember, p. 142

4. An alliance between the Church and the World, which will reach almost to the point of utter amalgamation (mixing together), erasing any notable differences between the Church and the World at large.

There is incredible corruption throughout Christian churches all over the world.

One rampant and obvious corruption of the church, showing the infiltration of Satan into the church is seen in the unholy events that the world has come to know go on inside the Catholic church--pedophilia, support for abortion, blatant heresy, and voluntary involvement in the New World Order agenda.

One additional point: Gnosticism has infiltrated many "Christian" churches and overtaken the doctrine of countless church leaders; holding a false belief that, since they deny the resurrection and believe their spirits are saved, they have no reason to care about their bodies or what the Bible refers to as "defiling the temple" (temple meaning the body in this context.)

I could make an entire article about this one cause but, to keep it short, I will leave it at that for now.

"They seem to be assured that they will never be unexpectedly startled by the dead sentence, 'Thou fool, this night shall thy soul be required of thee' (Luke 7:20); nor suddenly appalled by the blast of the archangel's trumpet, and the thunder of the voice of God. They have conceded that it is rational to seek contentment and pleasure in an existence of awful brevity, which was only granted to them for the decision of one stupendous question, whether it shall be followed by everlasting life, or by shame and everlasting many points have been yielded, amusements permitted and vices condoned, that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from non-professors unless they recite their creed...and men go heedlessly on, amused with the trifles of the moment, until they fall headlong into the jaws of the pit."

Pember, p. 144-145

5. A vast increase or explosion of the world population.

No argument. See the graph below.


"Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come."

Revelation 14:7


6. Rejection of the preaching of God's Word and, instead, a hardening of men's hearts to the warnings of the judgment to come, even to the point of complete rejection.

There is no question in my mind that this is the state of the world we are living in today.

The masses of the world are once again rejecting the warnings of the Bible, which is what occurred in the antediluvian era, causing God to "no longer strive with mankind" and ultimately leading to worldwide destruction.

There is also the exponential increase, in this present age, in witchcraft, humanism, secularism, and all other types of sorcery--all taking the place of God and the Bible.

"How few of our newspapers, reviews, and periodicals, have escaped the contagion! How great a multitude of propagating secularists does our country contain, from the bold blasphemer coarsely inveighing against the Word of God, and either denying His existence or charging Him with injustice, to the refined and subtle reasoner who would fain make the ineffable light of his Creator pale before the flickering lamp of human intellect!"

Pember, p. 147

7. The appearance upon the earth of otherworldly beings from the "Principality of the Air", and their attempt, forbidden by God, to corrupt the Human DNA which God created "in His own image".

This is, by far, the most fearful characteristic of the days of Noah and one that we have not seen come to fruition yet in our present day--at least not that we know of.

This will likely go hand-in-hand with some form of genetic alteration presented as a desirable "upgrade" or a "miracle cure".


The Bible says when the end times come, mens hearts will fail them out of fear of what is coming in the sky...

Awaken Oh Sleeper! The truth is right in front of you, you just have to reach out and grab it.

God Bless.


"Let believers consider their ways: for the Lord will shortly descend to see what the children of men are doing."

Pember, p. 146


notes taken from G.H. Pember, "The Days of Noah"


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