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The Planned COVID-spiracy


From what I've gathered, people generally don't want to talk about, think about, or address the Bill Gates/Vaccination argument--at least not to the level where it becomes uncomfortable for them. (Not to mention, the censorship increase in our country today doesn't make it easy for most to find the truth even when they try...)

I've struggled with this idea that there are some things that most people just don't want to consider in this country today. They have drawn their line in the sand--this is their hill to die on...or something like that. This discussion, for many, crosses some comfort level threshold inside or something and people often decide to ignore the issue rather than face it.

Alternatively, in an attempt to unravel the TRUE story, I have been researching and analyzing the events of 2020 for almost a year now and I have made a secondary observation regarding the public psyche: it seems to be generally true that most people simply don't know WHAT to believe anymore. This sad reality is most heavily due to the information overload that is modern America and other parts of the urbanized world.

There is no doubt that in the USA, in the decades leading up to 2020, we have experienced an extreme moral, cultural and societal decline... we have become subject to the ever-increasing comfort and ease of the 21st Century American Life.

We've collectively embraced all the advancements of technology and progressive new laws without question, and generally believed what we were told by those in positions we deem as "reliable". All the while, we continue to be ignorant to the hard truth that we are becoming soft, petty, confused, and therefore focused on the wrong things. We as Americans continue to figuratively "bow down" to the comfortability of the 21st Century American Life which has consumed many and seemingly continues to foster a shallowness in our collective citizenry.

My fear is that, due to the current political climate and extreme polarization in America, many will avoid reading or listening to the things I and other "truthers" or "free-speech advocates" have to say. We have become exactly what any manipulated and propagandized society throughout history has looked like and that society will inevitably be, prior to their demise, wholly brainwashed--not just morally confused and foundationless, but furthermore, unaware of their own ignorance and easily led to their own demise.

I fear that if the TRUTH doesn't start to get out into the public sphere on a large scale, and SOON--if these objective truths are not taken to heart throughout the globe, we will continue in this way and will soon find that we have destroyed the very foundation of our blessed country.

At that point, there will be no going back...



"Doing God's Work"

"Good health only comes in a syringe..."


Bill Gates IS a...

Gates is NOT a...

  • Public Health Expert

  • Elected Official

  • Doctor or Scientist

  • Epidemiologist

  • Virologist

  • Infectious Disease Expert

He does NOT have...

  • Any type of Degree, certificate, or other credentials that qualify him to dictate/mandate global health initiatives

  • A successful historical record on vaccinations/immunizations, especially in "developing countries" (more on this later)


So What DOES Gates have?...

A LOT OF $$$$$$




John D Rockefeller Sr. was an American business magnate and philanthropist.

He is widely considered the wealthiest American of all time, and the richest person in modern history. Wikipedia




Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the world and has a net worth of $78.9 BILLION as of August 2020, making him the seventh-wealthiest person in the world.




Gates has been extremely successful in his own "reinvention" in the public eye. Gates' reputation in his early years as a public figure was something like...ultra-rich and successful tech software geek known and looked down upon by many for his shady business practices and misconduct in business dealings.

Today, he is seen by what seems like the majority of Americans as the "all-knowing global health expert" ("global health dictator" if you prefer). He is listened to intently and respected by many across the world as a trustworthy source--Some even hold the idea of him high up on a pedestal as being "humanity's last hope for survival". He has been referred to as "the most consequential individual of our generation" by ANDREW ROSS SORKIN.


So how was he able to accomplish this feat??

As the saying goes, "What's the question? Money's the answer."

The cold, hard truth is this:



This was Gates back in the day and this video gives you an idea of how the world saw Bill Gates prior to his "re-branding" ("deception" rather--in my opinion):

The specimen you see here speaking approximately two decades ago, has evolved today into the self-absorbed and sinister (in my opinion) figure that he is today. He has become an influential part of today's "ruling class" and, as has become clear to most people at this point, he now holds the power to dictate a remarkable amount of decisions affecting everyone's lives and in almost every category of life.



The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has their "fiscal tentacles" in just about every area of global health worldwide & funds countless media organizations.

Take a look at the limited list I've put together below:


  • The Guardian

  • NPR

  • Our World In Data

  • BBC

  • BBC Media In Action

  • ABC News Health Coverage

  • News Hour

  • NBC

  • Al Jazeera

  • ProPublica

  • National Journal

  • The New York Times

  • Univision

  • Medium

  • The Financial Times

  • The Atlantic

  • Texas Tribune

  • Gannett

  • Washington Monthly

  • Le Monde*

  • Center For Investigative Reporting

*La Monde -- ties to Dr. Anthony Fauci (see more on this topic in later publication)*


So then...why would Gates go to this extent in funding so many global health and mainstream media outlets?...

Here's one possibility: To enable himself to...



Endlessly Shrouded In Controversy

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, initially named "...Institute for Population and Reproductive Health" ("reproductive health" meaning, to these two eugenicists, a drastic decrease in birth rate), was founded in 2000 and has donated over $36 BILLION to "charitable causes" (as of 2018)--although, when you look into the history of the Bill and Melinda Gates philanthropy work, it is clear their vaccine efforts have been endlessly shrouded in controversy--allegations of deaths, 3rd world countries, taking over control via ownership of unregulated health institutions, and knowingly doing harm in various places including Japan, Morocco, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Africa, and on and on.


The Gates Foundation has promised to dedicate $100 MILLION to Covid-19 Relief Efforts.


Through his "philanthropic foundation" as well as other organizations of his (i.e., CEPI) and organizations he funds, Gates has a stake in ALL OF THE INSTITUTIONS listed below--this is not a complete list. Some of these organizations Gates actually owns due to the enormous amount of money he has donated, thereby having part or full-ownership in them and, thus, wielding a great amount of power in the decision-making process: