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Nanotech Takeover

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Science has come a long way in the last 50 years but we still have much to learn in the area of NANOTECHNOLOGY.

The Lancet highlighted the possible health consequences of nanoparticles in the human body in their 2007 publication saying, “Nanoparticles—which are the width of 2–10 atoms, that is, less than 100 nanometers—could potentially invade body systems with possible health consequences. For example, nanomaterials, such as metal oxides and carbon nanotubes, could theoretically behave like quartz dust or asbestos particles and result in similar damaging effects on the respiratory system.” (The Lancet, 2007)

Nonetheless, several of the upcoming Covid-19 vaccines happen to use this very technology in their Covid-19 vaccine developments--two of those companies being Moderna (in partnership with Profusa & the USDOD's BARDA) and Pfizer (in partnership with BioNTech).

An article by Forbes, released in July 2020, entitled "Moderna's mysterious Coronavirus Vaccine Delivery System": "Moderna has secured $955 million of commitments from the federal government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)."

The article goes on to state, "For a decade, Moderna has been working to develop mRNA technology that could turn the body’s cells into drug factories. In order for the approach to work, Moderna needs to safely deliver the mRNA to the body’s cells without the payload breaking down in the bloodstream. As a result, any mRNA vaccine or therapeutic consists of two components, the actual sequence mRNA and the delivery mechanism. Moderna has clearly engineered the first component, but there remain questions about the second. No mRNA vaccine or medicine has ever been approved by U.S. or European regulators."

What the article above is basically saying in the is that the type of vaccine Moderna, Pfizer, and others are creating, is completely different from any vaccine you have ever received in your life.

They will be administering mRNA Nanotechnology into your body.

But even though they've created the vaccine, they cannot administer it without a "delivery system" to get it into your blood stream without your body rejecting and destroying it before it's able to spread and acclimate throughout your entire system...this is because your body has a natural ability to reject foreign, gene-changing, or damaging entities that make their way into your bloodstream.

If you want an idea as to what this looks like, the picture below is an illustration of what these "nanobots" would do inside your blood stream.

If you are unfamiliar with the importance of gene-preservation and the major risks of gene-editing, please look forward to my upcoming post on the topic.

At this point (November 2020), the delivery system has already been patented and will be provided by BARDA, an arm of DARPA, the United States Department of Defense's research arm.

To give some context, DARPA, who The Atlantic stated, "has dreamed for decades of merging human beings and machines", has been working for over a decade on creating "Super Soldiers": humans combined with AI technology for use in the battlefield...

See Also:

Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273) will use BARDA'S HYDROGEL BIOSENSEOR DELIVERY SYSTEM which will be a MICROCHIP IMPLANT, in order to get the vaccine successfully into your body.

Illustration of BARDA's hydrogel biosensor which will potentially have the ability to sense many of your bodily functions including your feelings, internal processes, and physical actions -->

Moderna's mRNA-1273 vaccine and BARDA's "hydrogel biosensor delivery system" will work together with ID2020 to provide a vaccine which seems to be a nefarious attempt to create a "post-human" world that can be tracked, traced, and potentially influenced by way of the AI-connected nanotechnology that will be implanted inside as many human bodies as possible. (if they get their way...aka, if the global population does not see what is really going on and stand together against it.)

There also exists a "critical enzyme" which will be included in the vaccine, used for

luminescence (ability to be seen under an infrared light; readability) that happens to be called "LUCIFERASE"... see: QUANTUM DOT TATTOO

*Use this link for updates on Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273) FDA approval status.

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