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Awake or "Woke"

Written in March 2022


We are living in a strange world. And just when we think it can't get weirder or worse, it does.

It's been two years since we were all collectively thrust into a strange reality--a fake, manufactured "new normal". As obvious as this has all been, there somehow still seems to be a shockingly large percentage of the US population who are happy to believe the absolute absurdities coming out of the Pharma-Funded, Government-Sanctioned, 'Mainstream' Media Industrial Complex.

This is the reality as it seems to me: Beyond all logic and reason, a majority population in the US today are completely bought in and sold out to the "narratives" they are being fed. They don't yet understand that it's the Gates-Soros-Silicon Valley funded, propaganda arm of the Obama/Biden Administration's MSM and their NARRATIVE

Since this chaos began, watching and living through it all continues to be so surreal. Why? Well, for one, there is not one instance I can truthfully point to along the timeline of events in the past few years that even attempts to redeem or vindicate the manipulative lies that have been called "truths" since 2020 (and long before, but most (including myself) just weren’t aware yet).

So let me present to you, the conclusions I have come to on the big picture of what’s really going on with people and our society.


Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist and this is my own opinion based on the research and analysis I've been doing independently for the past few years on my own accord.


I find it very strange and often sinister, how some people are essentially begging the government to strip them of their God-given, constitutional rights and utterly control them. Do they not understand that this is what they are doing? Or that this will surely lead to a country--and eventually an entire world--full of globalist-owned and controlled sheeple who will have no power over their lives, and whose lives and livelihoods will be disposed of and destroyed at the whim of the elitist class globalists.


World Government will be achieved "by Consent or Conquest", as James Paul Warburg declared confidently to the U.S. Senate in 1950:


Another chilling trend that I've noticed and that I find very abnormal is the sudden outbreak of rage from what seem to be completely unhinged people, attacking complete strangers verbally and physically, and usually for no good reason at all. This has developed into a common occurrence although this phenomenon didn't start long ago. The way many of these individuals behave is frightening, unnatural, irrational, and debatably my opinion of course.

These beliefs, held so dearly and accepted by an alarming number of people in the US, are grounded in deception and lies.

These are the same people who have seemingly bought into a sort of dystopian "group-think" or "hive-mind". The views they hold--the views they feel so strongly in support of--the views that they are apparently willing to breakdown in public or attack people over... these views are truly baseless, illogical, and contrary to historically justifiable science and data. These beliefs, held so dearly and accepted by an alarming number of p

eople in the US, are grounded in deception and lies.

These people are also of the same group that likes calling conservatives "Nazis", while singing the same tune as the the corrupt government and the mainstream media establishment, who have clearly shown that they can do nothing BUT lie to the public... They call conservatives "Nazis" while, in the same breath, demanding that you comply with everything the government tells you to do, even as far as forcing you to get i

njected with an experimental mRNA injection that has no long-term safety data and zero liability to the Big Pharma companies who are making gigantic profits off their experimental products daily…but to this 'cult of group-think', we are the "Nazis"... the establishment of elitist oligarchs and their ilk have perpetuated blatant violations of ALL of the Nuremberg Codes

...but they call us "Nazis". The ignorance and blind obedience of the masses in the recent months and years has absolutely shocked me, to put it lightly.


In short, at this point, there seem to be only two primary types of mindsets in this country:

(1) the ones who are awake to this deceptive age we are living in and who understand what’s truly going on, and (2) the ones who are accepting of all the false narratives being served up by the establishment, and who are living in a trance-like, hive-mind state of absolute ignorancein my opinion of course...


It’s become...

Awake vs. the Woke...

Truth vs. Lies...

Morality vs. Immorality...

Good vs. Evil...

Wake up!


"They have all turned aside, together they have become corrupt;

There is no one who does good, not even one." Psalm 14:3


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